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Social business management with environmental respect

We believe in strengthening the process of planning and managing social businesses, thus increasing their generation of work and income with respect for the environment.

Poverty and social inequality in Brazil demand efforts not limited to the actions of Governments. Society, in all its forms of organization (public, private and social organizations), need to join efforts to create – through education and work – social business models aimed at disadvantaged populations.

The Interelos Institute believes that, despite the enormous challenges, there is room for strengthening the process of planning and managing social businesses, with a view to increasing their effectiveness in generating work and income with social and environmental respect.

Inclusive social businesses have already proved to be an effective mechanism for activating the economy with social inclusion and respect for the environment. However, the success rate of such businesses is still insufficient for a true basic transformation of the Brazilian reality. And a large part of the problems lies, but is not limited to, the lack of market knowledge and management of the businesses created.

Our expertise matches our mission: to plan businesses with a focus on products and services (market), which can be provided by low-income populations through companies or cooperatives in which they are protagonists of their creation, owners of productive assets and beneficiaries of economic results. generated. And yet, designing, structuring and implementing production processes with less environmental impact.

We are able to provide our experience in the private sector allied to our sensitivity social and environmental protection in favor of the poorest populations in Brazil.