Our way of acting

Which links need to be connected to create an economics based on sociobiodiversity?


market knowledge

The market demands scale, quality and predictability.

Infrastructure and working capital

The transformation of products requires infrastructure and working capital.

Respect for the Environment

Management needs to ensure productivity and preservation of environmental assets.

Private sector experience 

The founders, advisors and consultants of Instituto Interelos share the same vision: that we are able to make our experience in the private sector available in favor of the poorest populations in Brazil.

plan, structure and implement production processes

Our expertise matches our mission: to create businesses focused on products and services that can be provided by low-income populations through businesses in which they are protagonists, owners and beneficiaries of the economic results generated. 

technical competence in management and socio-environmental sensitivity

Technical competence in socio-environmental business management combined with the sensitivity of working in critical regions of Brazilian development, such as the Amazon.

our challenge is create conditions so that all of this happens at the same time.