What is the price of a better planet?

If you watch the news or read the newspapers, you are probably asking yourself: is the world lost or is there anything that can be done to reverse this situation?

Based on this reflection, we prepared a podcast that discusses some of the most sensitive topics related to the economy, society and the environment, and we bring questions such as: what are the impacts of our actions? What does it take for a product or service to better distribute wealth through its value chain? At the time of purchase, the products present their socio-environmental appeals. But for the consumer, what counts most? How much, after all, does a better planet cost and who is willing to pay for this cost?

In order to provoke reflections (as controversial as necessary), Interelos Institute brought together those who understand the subject for frank conversations about conscious consumption and decisive issues not only for the survival of the next generations, but for the quality of life of all of us today, in the present.

The result of these meetings is in the first season of Eloquente, the socioeconomy podcast, available on the main platforms and players. The six episodes are presented by socio-economic specialists Aerton Paiva, Sandro Marques, Mariana Chaubet and Eduardo Nicácio. 

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