In a world marked by a series of converging and increasingly serious crises, the need for change is urgent. You don't have to be very smart to realize that we need another economy, one that is capable of promoting fairer labor relations, in addition to respecting the limits of the planet. The challenges are immense, but not insurmountable. The second season of Eloquent is now available!

Eloquente's intention is to discuss impactful solutions that show, with creativity, how to reach a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

What is the price of a better planet?

In order to provoke reflections (as controversial as necessary), Interelos Institute brought together those who understand the subject for frank conversations about conscious consumption and decisive issues not only for the survival of the next generations, but for the quality of life of all of us today, in the present.

The result of these meetings is in the first season of the Eloquente, the socioeconomics podcast, available on the main platforms and players.  

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