A path to sustainably strengthen and expand the Açaí value chain in the Amazon

The Inclusive Community Economies Program, in the Communities of Bailique and Beira Amazonas, in Amapá, has just been contemplated by the JBS Fund for the Amazon, and will receive investments to promote actions for the conservation and preservation of the forest, improving the quality of life of the communities and scientific and technological development in the region. The contribution is intended to boost forest conservation and preservation actions, sustainable development of the region, health and education promotion in communities and increase in the income of local families.

Based on assisted management, the Interelos Institute has collaborated in recent years with the Cooperativa dos Produtores Agroextrativistas do Bailique and Beira Amazonas, Amazonbai, in its administrative and financial management, with a view to strengthening the organization. The initiative has helped to promote participatory assemblies, engage cooperative members in building an açaí processing agroindustry and follow sustainable management practices guaranteed by FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council certifications (FSC-C131371 and FSC-C143197). The Vegan Product Seal - SVB was also won, which attests that the açaí produced has no contact with anything of animal origin throughout its production chain, and the Amapá Seal - Product of the Middle of the World, which identifies and promotes Amapá products. , adding value and increasing market competitiveness. Açaí extractivism is one of the main sources of income for traditional communities in the Bailique Archipelago, a set of 8 islands in the mouth of the Amazon River, located 160 kilometers from Macapá, capital of the state of Amapá, as well as for communities in Beira. Amazonas, territory adjacent to Bailique.

With the selection of the program by the JBS Fund, which will last for three years, Instituto Interelos, together with Amazonbai, hopes to increase the income of 240 local families, in addition to consolidating a model of bioeconomy inclusive, especially targeting the açaí chain. Furthermore, the construction of an own factory for pulp production is planned; the expansion of the portfolio of higher added value products; the elaboration of a plan for lyophilization of the fruit, which would considerably reduce the costs of the logistic chain; in addition to the construction of heritage fund for Family Schools.

The Inclusive Community Economies Program will be implemented by the Interelos Institute in partnership with other entities, such as the Amazonbai cooperative, OELA, IEB, the State University of Amapá and the Terroá Institute and thanks to the actions that will be developed, forest areas will be directly conserved. and indirectly through the development of new sustainable businesses.

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