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General Assembly held at Bailique defines 2022 Harvest Plan and approves long-term Strategic Planning

On January 28th and 29th, the 6th Ordinary General Assembly of the AmazonBai Cooperative took place in the Arraiol community, in Bailique (AP) and was attended by producers of açaí from Bailique and Beira Amazonas, collaborators and partner institutions, respecting all the COVID-19 safety and prevention protocols. 

The consultants from Instituto Interelos helped in the planning, organization and were present at the cooperative event, which has been gaining business maturity and process autonomy over the years. A proof of this was the great moment of inauguration of agribusiness for the processing of açaí occurred at the end of last year. 

The program included the presentation of the Rendering of Accounts for 2021, the approval of the Strategic Planning for 2021-2031, the Safeguard Policy and the 2022 Harvest Plan and more relaxed moments with sociocultural activities in order to unite participants, share stories with lots of music and soccer, in a fraternizing atmosphere.

Amiraldo Picanço, president of AmazonBai, reports the importance of strategic planning to focus on goals and align expectations for the coming years:

“Our assembly was very productive, we organized ourselves to approve the strategic planning, which was discussed internally for several months and then consulted with the cooperative members, the results were very positive in the approval. This planning makes us better see and plan all our goals later on.”

During the occasion, the Safeguard Policy, an important plan for the management of AmazonBai, as it defines norms of conduct and procedures that involve minimizing the risks of any form of abuse or violation of Human Rights was presented. The unanimous approval took place after much dialogue, taking into account, above all, the issue of women, youth and children within the territory. 

Another agenda unanimously approved by the cooperative members was the 2022 Harvest Plan, which organizes the production of açaí for the whole year, specifying, among other points, the amount to be paid for the bucket of açaí, the quantity to be sold to the cooperative by each producer, the frequency and complex logistics of product delivery. To assist in the calculations, the Interelos Institute supported the technical study in order to understand the amount of açaí the factory can operate with, the amount of açaí that needs to be purchased, the estimated period that it is expected to sell it and how much surplus, in order to reach the value of the product to be marketed and the desired goals.

Amiraldo bets that 2022 will be a very productive year with the engagement of the cooperative members and the union with important partners. “The Interelos Institute has been helping us plan and organize the entire AmazonBai management process and we also have other partner institutes that advise us on the issue of certification, in addition to other support,” he says, excited by the potential for developing other productive chains in the territory, such as murumuru and andiroba. 

Aligned expectations, goals on paper and a lot of work ahead. This is how the General Assembly of AmazonBai ended, a meeting that brought people closer to the cooperative with common goals of strengthening their social businesses, continuing to care for the environment and, finally, winning over the national market.

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