Unprecedented cooperation seeks innovative solutions for the açaí production chain in Amapá


Instituto Interelos, SENAI Amapá and Amazonbai join forces to drive sustainable development through innovation.

In an unprecedented partnership, three important institutions that operate directly in the Amazon biome are working to create mechanisms that can promote sustainable business and generate innovative solutions for the region.

The starting point for this confluence of interests was the “Innovation Workshop on the açaí production chain in the Bailique Archipelago and Beira Amazonas”, held last week at the Hub de Inovação do SENAI, in Macapa. The meeting, which lasted two days and had the partnership of Sebrae do Amapá, brought together specialists from the SENAI of Innovation, representatives of the Interelos Institute and leaders of the cooperative amazonbai

The purpose of this strategic partnership is to discuss innovative alternatives for the sustainable development of the açaí value chain in Amapá, with the aim of amazonbai as a model for the implementation of these alternatives, and thus build, together, innovative initiatives capable of benefiting the region's producers and thus improving the quality of life and socioeconomic condition of the Amazon riverside communities.

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Second Renata de Barros, an agricultural and environmental engineer who represented the Interelos Institute in the organization of the work fronts, “the partnership with the SENAI comes to contribute to the main issues of the açaí chain in Amapá, fulfilling an important demand regarding the efficiency of the chain’s logistical and productive process, as well as waste treatment.”

“The açaí economy is significant for the strengthening of Amapá. It is currently considered one of the fruits with the greatest socioeconomic prominence and has become the product with the greatest potential for income distribution for the local population,” said the president of the Interelos Institute, Aerton Paiva.

“With the success of this partnership, our intention is to replicate the innovation model in other locations in the Amazon.”

Renata Barros

On the first day of the meeting, the group discussed topics such as zero waste, production efficiency, added value, logistics and connectivity. On the second day, everyone was invited to see how the current production line for açaí pulp works. amazonbai, and paid a visit to their agroindustry. At the end of the workshop, the group also visited the site that will house the new factory.

O Interelos Institute believes that investing in innovation is essential for the sustainable development of the Amazon. Through the search for new approaches and technologies, a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation can be ensured, promoting a sustainable future for the region and its communities.

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