Interelos Institute and Apsis Carbon start partnership for joint work in the Amazon

Photo: FSC Brazil

Photo: FSC Brazil

Cooperation promises to redefine the socioeconomic development model in the region, benefiting the bioeconomy local driven by carbon credit income.

No one builds anything alone and, for a good idea to get off the ground and reach its goal, a promising partnership is essential. Sharing the same purpose, the team from Instituto Interelos, headquartered in São Paulo, was in Rio de Janeiro, in April, for a two-day hybrid meeting with the Apsis Carbon team. The common objective discussed was the expansion of its actions in favor of the development of sustainable businesses in the Amazon.

Both organizations have a long history of working in socio-environmental projects and seek to increase the scope of their initiatives through this cooperation. The initial alignment meeting took place at the headquarters of Apsis, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, and was attended by Aerton Paiva, founder of Instituto Interelos, Luiz Paulo Silveira, technical vice-president of Apsis, and other members of both organizations.

The Interelos Institute, founded in 2017, has the mission to promote sustainable development through education and socioeconomic programs in the Amazon. The organization develops actions in several areas, with emphasis on the planning, structuring and implementation of community-based value chains, and its mission is to support populations in situations of poverty by creating models of social enterprises that allow them to be protagonists, owners and beneficiaries of its results, generating work and income with respect for the environment. 

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Apsis Carbon, the new subsidiary of Apsis Consultoria, a company with over 45 years of experience, specializes in sustainability and ESG, offering solutions for companies and organizations that seek to generate value while at the same time wishing to implement more responsible practices in line with issues environmental and social. With a team made up of professionals with extensive experience in the market, Apsis Carbon seeks to align business and investor objectives with the needs of native peoples and riverside communities, in addition to forest preservation.  

Together, the organizations will be able to offer more complete and comprehensive solutions for the region, building convergence of purposes with local actors. 

With ambitious goals for the long term, the partnership promises to be an opportunity to reframe the socioeconomic development model in the Amazon, benefiting the bioeconomy fueled by carbon credit income and reducing deforestation and degradation of the world's largest rainforest.

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