Adding value in the chain of consortium products

In this program, we worked on market studies of the cotton production chain intercropped with corn, beans and sesame in two territories in the Brazilian semi-arid region. Economic feasibility studies were carried out in the chains of four agricultural products that were produced in agroecological consortia in Sertão do Araripe/PE and Serra da Capivara/PI. Assistance was also provided for the strengthening of family farming institutions in order to present the paths, risks and benefits of moving towards a more robust organization that is able to fairly share the profits from sales of products.

What we did

  • We carried out studies and modeling of value aggregation in the cultures of agroecological cotton consortia;
  • We evaluated the economic viability of farmers moving forward in the production chain of four agricultural products: cotton, sesame, corn and beans;
  • We calculated the financial return to the cooperative members, compared to the current situation;
  • Farmers and technicians from partner institutions had the opportunity to experience the process of processing the sesame produced in the consortium in order to obtain products with greater added value.
  • The cooperative members also participated in a workshop for the beginning of the production of an agro-industry based on the example of sesame.

What were our outcomes

  • We encouraged farmers to organize themselves to form an agricultural cooperative, increasing income with the processing of primary products.
  • We presented the advantages of adding value to their products, instead of selling cotton lint, sesame, corn and beans in fractionated bags in short-cycle markets.
  • Based on an extensive study of the chains, we presented the advantages and challenges of selling cotton thread, fractionated sesame, sesame oil, tahini, corn flakes and bagged beans in long-cycle markets.

Who did we work with

  • Low-income population in the states of Piauí and Pernambuco.
  • Cooperatives
  • Farmers
  • Association of Producers of the Semi-Arid Region of Piaui (APASPI)
  • Association of Agroecological Farmers of Araripe (Ecoararipe)
  • Diaconia Recife
  • Caatinga Association
  • Caritas Association
  • Apaspi/PI
  • Ecoararipe/PE

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