Study of the fish production chain in the Amazon

Fish is one of the main sources of income for the riverside population of the Juruá River, but the price paid for sustainably managed fish and the production flow structure are still insufficient. In order to achieve the necessary regularizations and be viable in the chain, it is necessary to strengthen the fish extractive chain. 


The ASPROC project (Association of Rural Producers of Carauari) contemplated by the JBS Fund for the Amazon aims to investigate the feasibility of producing fish with sustainable management in the association's area of operation, paying a fair price to the community and preserving the biodiversity of the region.

What are we doing

  • Market study to understand how fish protein is inserted in the national and international market;
  • Study of the potential productive base of fish in the region where ASPROC operates;
  • Analysis of the technical, operational and financial feasibility of two fish processing units, in Carauari and a possible boat for the operation of ASPROC;
  • Assessment of ASPROC's management system and preparation of proposals for improvements from the point of view of management processes and tools as well as organization and commercialization models;
  • Analysis of the situation of Human Rights in the context of the fishing chain, in order to identify actions to prevent, protect and promote rights.

Where do we want to go

  • Biodiversity conservation in 3 thousand hectares of protected areas;
  • Increase in income for 450 families in the 55 communities involved;
  • Increase in production volume;
  • Increase in annual revenue of the Association of Rural Producers of Carauari (ASPROC).

Who are we working with

  • Populations located in remote places that, due to insufficient public policies and social articulation, face difficulties to undertake and improve the condition of family life;
  • Associations and Cooperatives;
  • A group of low-income youth interested in collectively planning and implementing businesses;
  • Social movements linked to socioeconomic inclusion.

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