Operational and Financial Feasibility Study

Aiming to reduce the participation of intermediaries in the commercialization of solid waste and to increase the role of collectors with a fairer distribution of financial resources within the chain, ANCAT (National Association of Recyclable Material Collectors and Collectors) commissioned a feasibility study to create a solid waste acquisition and commercialization company whose corporate composition will be mixed: part of the capital stock would be represented by cooperative networks and part of the capital would belong to the private sector. In order to strengthen logistical intelligence, operational and financial efficiency gains and greater representation in the commercial universe of solid waste commercialization, the study followed the guidelines of one of the main environmental legislations, the PNRS (National Solid Waste Policy), a set of standards that determine the responsible management and management of solid waste throughout the country.

What we did

  • We identified the cooperatives that supply the waste to be acquired and sold by the new company;
  • We measured the volumes by type of waste to be collected, transported and sold;
  • We planned the optimization or the potential routes referring to the collection of materials in the cooperatives and delivery to the final recipients;
  • We planned and measured the operational structure of the new venture, aiming not only to explain its main operational processes but also to measure the resulting operational costs.

What we conquered

We structured a complete feasibility study for a new private organization whose partners are representatives of the category (associations) and representatives of the private sector (companies that support the initiative).

Who did we work with

Solid Waste Collectors Cooperatives in the states of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and São Paulo.

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