A plan for the Resex Verde Para Sempre

Resex Green Forever Study
The study is the result of a thorough research and mapping of the territory's socioeconomic, political, and institutional scenario

The Verde Para Sempre Extractive Reserve occupies about 75% of the territory of Porto de Moz, in Pará, and is inhabited by 2,235 families, but despite its size and biodiversity, it presents a typical picture of the Amazon regions. On the one hand, it has development potential to be explored, with the capacity to produce bioeconomy increasingly valued worldwide. On the other hand, it is under pressure to expand activities with a high environmental impact that do not provide a decent quality of life for its residents.

Based on this problem, experts from the Interelos Institute carried out, between January 2021 and March 2022, several visits to the territory in order to conduct interviews with local actors and identify their main organizational, financial, technological and logistical needs. From there, they set up a detailed business plan for the region. The study was funded by the Climate and Land Use Alliance and aimed to find sustainable development alternatives within the largest protected area in Brazil.

The result is the study “Income, Forest and Life: A Plan for the Verde para Sempre Extractive Reserve”, which has just been released, the result of a thorough research work and mapping of the socio-economic, political and institutional scenario of the territory and which points to the two production chains with greater income potential and less impact on the environment.

To find out which chains were prioritized Click here and download.

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